Do you struggle with feeling guilty for saying no to people?  Deep down you’re maxed, but as hard as you try, the words, ‘Sure, I’ll do it.’ still come out of your mouth.  I’m here to tell you that this habit of people pleasing and sacrificing your own needs, is a major roadblock to not […]


October 15, 2021

Saying ‘No’ And Why It’s Critical To Thriving

Talking Isn’t Enough – Explaining Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Have you ever gone to therapy and felt like it …. didn’t do much?  I mean, it’s nice to be ‘heard’ and receive validation on your experiences and perspectives, but then what?  I’ve had so many clients come to me feeling a little jaded with therapy, telling […]

Coping With Pain, Life Satisfaction, Reaching Goals

September 10, 2021

DBT – How To Be A Human

What Exactly Is Grief? We’ve all experienced it, whether in the loss of loved ones or more subtle life changes where we lose something less tangible.  When life roles change we may lose a sense of self, when a societal shift happens (like in 2020) we lose a sense of familiarity and normalcy.  Jobs, friendships […]

Coping With Pain

August 6, 2021

5 Tips For Moving Through Grief

If you’ve been in my circle at The Mindful Coach for a while, you know that 2020 hit me hard – as it did so many people.  By December, I was at a cracking point and so ready to shift out of significant anxiety and depression that were related to a number of compounding stressors. […]

Life Satisfaction

June 15, 2021

Joy As An Act Of Rebellion

My biological mom got me my first car.  It was a junky black GMC Jimmy and the license plate she got for me was ‘FREEBME’.  People would ask, ‘What does Freeb Me mean?’ Growing up my Bio Mom embarrassed me.  She was colorful, spontaneous.  She had her challenges, but she was on a mission to […]


April 23, 2021

Being Visible

When you want something about yourself, your life or even someone else’s behavior to change, how do you go about it? We spend much of our lives wanting to make changes in one way or another.  Having goals is an important part of life, as is learning to accept oneself right where you’re at, but […]

Reaching Goals

March 16, 2021

Quieting Your Inner Drill Sergeant

Why is it so hard to ‘Know, Like and Trust’ YOURSELF? Gwen Stefani describes it well in her song, the common experience of being unseen or minimized as a ‘girl’.  And it doesn’t just happen for women, it’s an everyone thing, but there’s no denying when you look back in history it disproportionately has affected […]


February 6, 2021

‘I’m Just A Girl In The World’