Why we will always need feminism: My Mission Part 2 My business is dedicated to serving women, so today we’re talking feminism (cue a flurry of eye rolls and unfollows).  It’s OK, that response makes a lot of sense and I’ll explain why below.   As I’ve mentioned before, I believe strongly that if we want […]

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January 6, 2023

The ‘F’ Word

How Mindfulness helped me burn it all down. Last week I walked off my last day at my 9-5, working as a licensed therapist in a government agency doing public service.  After 15 years working as a LCSW mental health therapist & social worker I am stepping back, and it feels like closing a huge […]

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December 23, 2022

I just quit my job.

My Mission: Part 1 Today I’m breaking down my true mission, because even though I talk all this mindfulness stuff – the truth is – it’s actually just a foot in the door.  It’s a sneaky wedge to get me closer to my actual supportive purpose – more women living in their fullness, more women […]

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November 18, 2022

Are You Self-Aligned?

I’m Going Rogue!  I’m coming out of the coaching closet, moving away from positioning myself primarily as a mental health therapist, and today I’m sharing my reasons why.   I hear you asking, ‘But Katy, Didn’t you go to school for 6 years, spend even more years gaining clinical hours, taking licensure exams, and many many […]

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January 18, 2022

Why I’m Transitioning To Coaching Instead of Therapy

My biological mom got me my first car.  It was a junky black GMC Jimmy and the license plate she got for me was ‘FREEBME’.  People would ask, ‘What does Freeb Me mean?’ Growing up my Bio Mom embarrassed me.  She was colorful, spontaneous.  She had her challenges, but she was on a mission to […]


April 23, 2021

Being Visible

Why is it so hard to ‘Know, Like and Trust’ YOURSELF? Gwen Stefani describes it well in her song, the common experience of being unseen or minimized as a ‘girl’.  And it doesn’t just happen for women, it’s an everyone thing, but there’s no denying when you look back in history it disproportionately has affected […]


February 6, 2021

‘I’m Just A Girl In The World’