Everything Starts With The Mind

"I want to add to the wave of making mindfulness approachable to the modern woman, because when women rise all of society rises."

Hey, katy Here!

Ready to hack cycles of chronic stress?

In my experience, everything starts in the mind.  We can’t stop all stressors that happen in life, but we can change the way we relate to them.  External success, and overflowing abundance that can transform the world (this is bigger than you and me), starts as an inside job.  Mental wellness and mindful wellbeing deserve to be much higher on your priority list - it’s the foundation to everything!  

Usually what I’ve found is that this all starts with forming a healthier relationship with yourself - connecting to your internal wisdom, becoming the master of your thoughts & emotions, letting go of self-judgment and comparisons.

If we are not rooted within ourselves, it’s hard to be effective at reaching any external goals or supporting anyone else. Usually we struggle because we are operating off of unhelpful myths, standards and expectations that come from our environment - so we have to unhook from those first.

My big vision

Helping women create sustainable ease.

Our modern world is polarized into ‘action’, ‘do more’, perfectionism and hyper-individuality, to the extent that we are frying our circuits (hello patriarchy!). And while it IS important to take action and achieve goals, you can quickly see the harm caused by polarization into this ‘go go go, be on top’ mentality. (Warning: I geek out over balancing polarities in life which is Dialectical Thinking, and finding the ‘Middle Path’ as Zen Buddhism teaches). When we live in extremes, problems start to arise.

Nature has always been my greatest inspiration, and the solutions to our problems are often right in front of us and much simpler than we think. While studying psychology in undergraduate, it dawned on me that if we want to have a more sustainable relationship with our beautiful planet that has to start with an energetically sustainable relationship with our own life, relationships & work.

 If we can learn to balance the mind & body, it will translate to our relationship with each other and with nature. In order for us to be able to take care of our natural environment we have to learn to take care of each other, which starts with taking care of ourselves. 

After receiving my B.S. in Psychology and Master of Clinical Social Work with a specialty in Mental Health in 2008, I went on to become a DBT-Linehan Board of Certification, Certified Clinician™.  This form of therapy underlies much of the work I do, and the research based tools and practices within it have also become my own way of life - it teaches Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotion Regulation & Interpersonal Effectiveness.

In 2020 I realized that I wanted to work in a more autonomous way and I started my online business and I also went rogue from the therapy profession to provide high level coaching for ambitious women.  I provide trauma-informed care as well as a whole-person, holistic perspective that works with the mind-body connection.  In working towards balance internally, we can find a sense of ease and inner peace that ripples out to everything around us.

I'm lucky to LOVE what I do.  In my free time you can find me backpacking with my best friends, dancing to music and traveling as often as possible!  If you ever have any questions about my services don't hesitate to shoot me an email or message me on Instagram where I have lots of fun giving space to my creativity.

I look forward to supporting your journey!

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